2. July 2022


The Forum Future Assembly offers a platform for practical exchange between companies and at the same time provides new impetus from cutting-edge production research on RWTH Aachen Campus. Expert presentations and in a relaxed atmosphere provide the framework for new inspirations for the development of the assembly of the future for your company. The event is the kickoff for the consortium research at the Center XL Assembly on RWTH Aachen Campus.


  • 08:30: Welcome Adress
  • 08:45: Participants Speeddating – Round of introductions of the participating companies
  • 09:30: Keynote – „Future Assembly – Line-less, Mobile, Autonomous“
  • 09:55: Guest Keynote – „Assembly as Part of the Factory of the Future“
  • 10:25: Future Assembly Technology – Pitches
  • 11:10: Coffe Break
  • 11:30: Workshop – „Vision towards Future Assembly“ (Small groups)
  • 12:40: Lunch
  • 13:40: Workshop – „Technologies for Future Assembly“ (Small groups)
  • 15:00: Wrap-Up
  • 15:30: End of the event (followed by refreshments)

Forum Future Assembly is scheduled on August 26, 2022. An informal icebreaker will be scheduled the evening before.

You are invited

You will meet specialists and executives, managing directors and decision-makers from a wide range of industries that operate their own assembly systems or provide enabling technologie. Participation is free of charge.

Current participating companies

3 Research Entities

21 System Operators

15 Solution Providers


Attention: The number of participants is limited. We will check your requests individually.

To register please contact us:


Please find further information in the event flyer:


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